New Pool – hand-packed

Poolmenders now offer pool construction. Poolmenders team has partnered with an experienced pool builder to offer a one-stop pool service.

With gunite or hand-packed concrete pools, you can consult with Poolmenders on the shape, size and finish you desire for your new pool. The final finish of the pool can either be marbalite or fibreglass.

Advantages of a hand packed concrete pool.

Concrete pools are not dependent on existing designs as with pre-moulded fibreglass shells and can be incorporated into existing building structures or customised to the existing space. The structural integrity of our hand-packed shell’s is without question. We use a Ref 156 mesh throughout the pool with a triple ring beam formed with Y 10 high tensile steel rods. The concrete used is 30 MPA making for an extremely strong supper structure, that has a 10-year guarantee.

There are more design finish options with a hand-packed concrete swimming pool.

Contact Poolmenders to get a quote now for your dream swimming pool.

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